This new collection of artworks can be hung as a group or on their own.

Each one is an original painting, acrylic and gold foil on raw canvas, hand stretched and framed in a wax obeche simple box frame.

Measuring 30 x 40cm unframed
And 32 x 42cm framed.

These artworks made since lock down draw on the deeper appreciation of how we understand ourselves. Through our repetitive habits, our goat paths and desire lines. We carve out a sense of self through the way we navigate our daily lives, and see ourselves through the connection and interaction/reaction of other people.

These works are a mediation on this, by dropping into a flow state and using personal iconography, I look to construct a notion of joy that can invite the viewer in providing space to play, explore and interpret.

Paintings will be despatched on the first Wednesday after purchasing, and sent using a tracked delivery.

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